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Sasha Britto

For as long as I can remember, I have always had art around me. Music and visual art form.

Over the years I have discovered that art has helped me overcome mistakes and issues and has been the best way to channel my emotions by using it as a source of therapy. 

At 14 I became a henna artist have devoted my life to the art. Henna,mandalas, geometric patterns, social interruptions and inner spirituality inspires my work. It’s allows me to create a space where I can be honest. Kind of like a release. As a visual learner, creating artwork has helped me diminish harsh personal issues, and as a 21 year old female, has taught me more about myself and who I am becoming. 

 It is most important to be aware of mental health as it is becoming more and more of a common issue in younger societies. Awareness doesn’t always have to be displayed as a giant sign or a protest. Sometimes it’s quietly in art form. 

The indoor succulents and air purifying plants symbolise your growth and clarity for now and the future. And each pot has its own unique design and serial number to remind you and symbolise that you are special and valuable. An important number to society. Happy growing! 


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