Sarah Abbott

Born in rural Queensland, from an early age I was drawn to creative pursuits, building, designing, drawing, painting, making. I spent much of my childhood immersed in practice. A gift from my grandmother one Christmas, a ‘how to draw’ guide, provided untold hours of entertainment, as I was to draw and redraw every exercise over and over. Through the years these pages gave me a benchmark from which to measure my progress, the honing of my craft.
I bought my first artists watercolour set when I was 13. I saved every dollar from my after school job to buy the beautiful little Windsor and Newton box set, which I treasured in those early years (I still have the set with the original pans and colours). With the watercolours I filled journals with flowers and plants plucked from my parents garden & nursery. From flora I moved to painting people & faces, and then became heavily influenced by the bright colours and bold impact of pop art.
My senior high school years gave me a formal outlet for my creativity, and most of my lunchbreaks were spent in the art room. I was accepted into a Bachelor of Fine Art at University level, but switched early in my first year into Interior Design, afraid of the uncertainty that a career as an ‘artist’ offered.
After graduating from a Bachelor of Interior Design, I embarked on a 10 year career in interiors that would see me work both in Australia and abroad for a number of high profile clients. After a career break and a move interstate, to the creative hub of Fremantle, Western Australia, my love of art and painting was rekindled with a renewed enthusiasm.
The isolation created by uprooting to a new state, coupled with the incredible diversity and abundance of the natural landscape proved furtive. I felt energised creatively from a career break, prompted by the birth of my second child. The time away gave me leave to reimagine a new future, and to admit that my dream of being an artist still lived strong.
Coming back to art with the maturity of a few more years, and plenty of life affirming adventures behind me, has given me the confidence to commit to an uncertain future, to weather the turbulence and self doubt that creating for a living seems to permeate.
My current work revolves around two of natures most precious gifts, our plant life, and light. A self confessed ‘plant lady’, I inherited a love of all things green and growable from my parents, whose green thumbs saw them at one time own a small backyard nursery. I love the way strong morning or afternoon light can bring greenery to life, highlighting all the intricate details, the veins in the foliage, like tiny skeletons. I’m also drawn to how we co-habit with, and attempt to tame nature. I see immense beauty in these every day things, which I aim to represent in much of my work.
If you like my work, you are interested in a commission, or collaboration, or see a way my art can be of use to you, please get in touch.

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