Sandra Royer

I live in Perth and have been knitting since I was a child, my Grandma and my Mother were both knitters so it just seemed like a natural thing to do and more of a practicality rather than an art form, however it seems to be a dying art now so I’m happy to keep it alive by teaching classes at a local Craft School.

I continue to enjoy working with yarn. I am inspired by the colours and textures of the yarn and prefer to use natural wool or cotton. I have worked as a draftsperson for most of my working life which involves technical drawing so knitting is my creative outlet and a form of relaxation.

My favourite style of knitting is Aran, I love creating the textures of cable knits. I have become involved with a group of Yarn Bombers and have worked on a few projects around Perth which has been lots of fun and I have met some really talented, creative people who have become good friends. Most of my pieces are scarves and beanies for both adults and children, I also have a selection of knitted Xmas decorations, which are fun to make.

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