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Roland Kopcsandy

I am a painter and photographer currently living in Perth, which is used as a base to travel back and forth from quite remote and natural untouched areas – typically within National Parks. After completing a visual art degree when I first attended university, I entered the higher education system as a mature age student and completed an Earth Science/Environmental Science degree. In recent years, my objective has been to combine the learning from both the Art degree and the Earth Science degree into one project, hence my project ‘’Conservation Through Art Australia’’. I am presently focused on landscape photography, and I am building up a collection of unique images that capture the remarkable diversity of textures, colours and patterns found in remote natural landscapes, while also capturing the beauty found in various ecological, bio-physical, geological and biological processes, with a particular interest in looking at how the passing of time affects all these things. My images reflect an interest in both science and aesthetics.

As an artist I’m committed to contributing 10% of the value of all sales to a reputable conservation organisation, which can be verified by visiting my web site. I’m also committed to selling photographic images as unique, ”one – off” original images, so no images are sold more than once or mass printed. I never tamper with nature, so my images represent things as they are found occurring naturally.

Please note images provided here are protected from digital or other appropriation by copyright laws, with copyrights belonging to Roland Kopcsandy (Conservation Through Art Australia).

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