Rocky Amatulli

The son of Italian immigrants to WA, I always tell people that I was ‘made in Italy’ but ‘born in Perth’. Hence my influences are as diverse as the cultures and histories that run through my veins.

I have been painting and sketching for years, and love creating art, so I wanted to do more about sharing my art and ideas.

I also love fashion and in particular, t-shirts.

I think that t-shirts are a lot like jeans nowadays – they are a staple in everyone’s robe. T-shirts are timeless and versatile garments that look great with jeans, shorts, skirts, under blazers and jackets, with suits, etc…, but unlike jeans (which are limited in design and look), t-shirts can be graphic and reflective of one’s personality. To me, a blank t-shirt is just another canvas!

This is how ROXTA was born……allowing me the freedom and enjoyment of combining both of my passions – art and fashion!

My designs are inspired by the people I meet, and the places we all live and have travelled to.

I hope that you find a small piece of yourself in one of my ROXTA’s……

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