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Poppy Huffer

I am a jewellery maker living and working in Perth. All of my pieces are lovingly made by hand by myself in my home studio.

I make whimsical, colourful one of a kind jewellery pieces with Australian stones and metals at the forefront of my designs. All of the opals I use are solid Queensland boulder opals, mostly cut by my dad in Albany, WA. I also use Western Australian gold in my work as accents on my silver pieces, this gold has been found by hand with a metal detector by hobby prospectors around the state.

An ever evolving love of nature and nostalgia is forever driving my jewellery practice forward; I like the idea that a certain piece can evoke a pang of nostalgia for a certain rainy day or sunset at the beach.

Slow fashion is something that is very important to me, and I feel proud to be producing ethically made pieces, with responsibly sourced stones and metals. The hand found gold I use has been taken from a tiny hole, with respect for the environment. The opals I use have been mined by small businesses and cut by amazing people I have first-hand connections with.

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Showing all 3 results