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Pip & Squeak Ceramics

Inspired by the beauty of our unique Australian wildfire – Pip & Squeak ceramics makes artworks come to life – modelled by hand – fired earthenware – ceramics to last forever.

Pip & Squeak offers unique handmade ceramic art that is affordable and sure to make many customers smile. This is the creation of Amanda a full time professional artist and they are produced at her home studio in Perth Western Australia. Each item is made by hand and no moulds are used so everything you find is never the same. Her ceramic sculptures are inspired by nature and are to cherish forever.
Each work is made with stoneware clay and glazed to 1150C so they will last outdoors or indoors forever.
The pieces are a new collection from Amanda born out of her need to break away from her larger sculptural works and make smaller fun quirky pieces based on the animals she loves. The range features native Australian birds Kookaburras, Budgies, Magpies, Cockatoos and Galahs seagulls as well as brightly glazed fish, whales, crabs and. The range also features dogs and cats as planters and as free standing sculptures. The beautiful lady planters are perfect for cacti and other any indoor plants. They make a perfect unique gifts and will bring much joy to their new owner.

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