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Peta Nutt

All of my items are happily handmade in Western Australia.

For many years I have designed and sewn clothing for myself; family and friends.
This resulted in the start my own small clothing design company; selling on-line and at markets in Melbourne.

I am passionate about slow fashion, sustainability, ethical clothing production; and well-made clothes. That’s why I try to use upcycled resources and fabrics wherever possible.

When you buy from my store you can be sure that everything was handmade with love by an individual that cares about creating something beautiful and unique for you to wear. I carefully consider the buyer’s connection with their clothes, placing greater appreciation on the process of purchasing something special that can be worn over and over and enjoyed for a long time, instead of having just another fast fashion addition to the wardrobe which may be only worn for one occasion.

My clothing items are handmade in my home studio in the southwest of WA and all fabrics are washed before sewing to make sure there is no shrinkage or colour running.

I use my creative skills to develop new designs while ensuring a high quality of sewing for long wear and durability ensuring customer satisfaction with the finished outcome.

I sometimes work with my daughter to collaborate on ideas and source both designer and upcycled fabrics together between Melbourne and Perth. Wherever I can, I try to use what’s left from the fabric to turn into accessories and jewellery making sure that I use as much of the material as possible. Nothing goes to waste at Hazelnutt Clothing, and I pride myself on running a sustainable business with a focus on good quality fashion and care for our environment.

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