Natalia Kaighin

I was born in 1952 in Ekaterinburg Russia. I have a degree in architecture from my country of birth where I practised in both building and interior design.

In 1996 through marriage, I moved to Australia and worked for several years as an architectural draftsperson designing, making perspective drawings of proposed buildings plus alterations to houses/ buildings.

While at university I received tuition in drawing and painting from some very experienced Russian artists.

Now as I am retired, I have my dream come true and I can spend my time and abilities on fine art, my favourite activity.

I have moved from a realistic approach to semi abstract, naïve style and minimalism, finding them very fascinating as you can play with shapes, colours and experiment with geometry, using acrylic as a medium. I like to share this with other people

During the period 2014/17 I have participated and sold my works in some local exhibitions at Wanneroo,  Joondalup and others.

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