Lynndy Young

I have had a passion for jewellery for as long as I can remember.  Having jewellers in my family, my great grandfather, (traditional jeweller) and my grandmother, (a contemporary jeweller and artist) allowed me great access to all types of jewellery.  Some of my fondest memories growing up in South Carolina were when I would fossick through my mothers and grandmothers’ jewellery boxes, trying everything on and polishing the pieces. The jewellery varied as much as the two most important women in my life.  One strong and classical and the other strong and outrageous!  My summers and elective school courses were filled with my artistic pursuits.

After completing my tertiary education in Commerce I travelled to the UK where I worked mainly in banking and met an Australian.  I moved to Perth in 1995 and have three gorgeous boys.  As my children have grown older, I moved back to more artistic pursuits more in line with my roots. I enjoy producing pieces that reflect the fluidity of nature. I also find inspiration working with the rigidity of geometric shapes.  I am as eclectic as the two women who raised me!

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