Lisa Payton

One of Mandurah’s most innovative visual artists, Lisa Payton Creative Arts is developing and experimenting with a wide range of mixed media techniques to create inspirational and highly experimental techniques.

Over her creative career, Lisa has birthed a strong and unique brand she has entitled “Abstract Earth Art.” Her self-developed mixed medium style involves experimental paint pouring, multiple textured layering and brush & palette knife techniques.

Payton’s canvases and prints deliberately leave the subject open to interpretation, enhancing the sense of intimacy and connection between artwork and viewer, and are designed to draw the viewer into recognizing nature in all its beauty of color and texture. It’s this recognition of the land that Payton delivers a positive environmental message, one of respect and responsibility towards the earth we live in. Her style of art works fit into the theme of healing because they are dynamic, bright, vibrant, colorful, expressive, and energetic and display a lively mood.

People viewing her artwork regularly comment on what they can recognize in the ’Abstract Earth Art’ paintings. She has witnessed many people express enjoyment when viewing her artwork because they can recognize a landmark where they have been or discover a shape or pattern of color that resembles something to them like an animal in the desert.

It’s from these discoveries that people form discussions about where they have been or what type of animal can they see and brings about personal and social cohesion.  People’s recognition of the land through Payton’s art work creates a positive environmental and indigenous message, one of respecting our country and responsibility towards the earth we live in.

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