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Lisa Payton

Abstract Earth Art Artworks Artists Statement 2020

Lisa is born with a natural talent to create, it’s in her blood, every day she is creating something. She is dedicated to creating ocean inspired ‘Abstract Earth Art’ original paintings on canvas and board along with resin homewares and resin jewellery. Being an experimental artist Lisa manipulates a variety of materials such as acrylic paints, resin, texture pastes, homemade glue textures and found objects to make abstract unique painted artworks.

The inspirational formations and aspects of nature combined with her creativity is what drives Lisa to design and construct elaborate pieces of painted artworks.  From this creativity and her experiments, she applies layers and manipulates free-flowing paint and textures that build up into layers. The layers create abstract characteristics in her artwork which builds a depth of field and character that resemble the anomalies of the bird’s eye view of nature. Within each of these artworks, imitations of island abnormalities surrounded by sea and waves, are created.   

Lisa’s enjoys the freedom of abstract painting and resin pouring it’s a desirable passion for all things textural and liquid patterns that allows her paintings to take on their own way of evolving into original artworks. She enjoys using drone and aerial photography as her inspiration. This mixed with her love of texture and free flowing painting techniques is what motivates her to create abstract paintings.

Using a variety of experimental techniques such as mixing builders texture pastes and paint create unusual patterns that resemble the appearance of some outstanding landscape anomalies. She’s uses a collection of implements such as pallet knifes, a variety of brushes, any implement that makes a pattern and most of all her passion of hands on painting with her fingers and palm.

Lisa applies a lifetime of art skills to a blank canvas where a conversation begins, Lisa pours and add textures on the canvas and are these are her voice, her desire and freedoms. Constantly viewing the developing artworks displayed around my studio over creates a timeframe where Lisa can discover aspects that can be enhanced with more colour combinations or textured patterns, something that just evolves. It can take a few weeks to a few months to achieve an artwork. 

She creates a dance of paint and textures and develops an environmental conversation in visual terms for people to discuss about what they see in the artwork.

Her style of artworks is dynamic, bright, vibrant, colourful, expressive, energetic and displays a lively positive mood in which people can be immersed in.

Lisa enjoys seeing people viewing her artwork and regularly commenting on what they can recognize in her ‘Abstract Earth Art’ paintings. She has witnessed many people express enjoyment when viewing her resin homewares, resin jewelry art paintings because they can recognize a landmark where they have been or discover a shape or pattern of colour that resembles something to them like a place they have visited.

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