Lin Reading

I create unique jewellery using silver, otherĀ  metals, semi precious stones, polymer clay and even fossils. I try to create pieces that are truly unique yet wearable, with the emphasis on quality over quantity. Many of my pieces are one of a kind.

I take inspiration from all kinds of places, but nature is probably my biggest source. It could be the bark on a tree or the pattern left on the sand from a wave. The animal kingdom has the best source of colour inspiration, from the vivid colours of sea creatures to the awesome patterns of the big game animals.

Most pieces start out as just sheet and wire and maybe a stone or fossil, I love the whole process of transforming something plain into something beautiful. I may start off with a sketch of what I’m going to make, but often a piece will gain a life of it’s own as it takes shape on my bench. I mostly use old fashioned hand tools, sawing everything by hand with a jeweller’s saw, then filing and sanding, soldering the pieces together and finally polishing. All that filing and sanding is laborious, but it’s this that gives a piece of hand crafted jewellery it’s unique quality. I think the feel of a piece of jewellery is equally as important as the look of it
I try at all times to be as environmentally friendly as I can. All the silver and other metal I use in my designs is recycled and I also melt down my scrap pieces and reuse them. Where I use stones, I like to know where they have come from and usually buy from rock hounds who have actually picked up the rough rock and hand cut and polished it themselves. This means your finished piece of jewellery is not only unique and hand crafted, the stone is as well!

I have recently started to work with Polymer Clay again, I had forgotten how much fun it is to work with! The possibilities of colour, texture and form are endless. I think you will be seeing a lot more clay work from me in the near future.

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