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Kevin McCabe

The multi-disciplinary artist Kevin McCabe was born in 1959 in an industrial working-class area of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne in northern England. His parents immigrated to Australia in 1963 when Kevin was four years old, settling in Perth.
As a teenager he became fascinated with artists such as Mondrian, Kandinsky and Magritte. He didn’t become serious about his own art practice until his late 20’s, when friends encouraged him to work towards an exhibition. His first show was a 3-man exhibition at the PICA Printmakers Building in Perth when he was 32 years old.
Kevin is largely self-taught having spent years evolving and developing his work. His first work was abstract drawings and paintings in inks and acrylics, inspired by his artistic heroes.
He then began doing pastels, again due to encouragement (and the odd private lesson) from fellow artists. It was in this medium that he developed his fascination for surreal and mysterious images, taken not from life but from his subconscious, rarely knowing what the final image was going to be until it was finished.
A course in Apple Mac in his early 40’s started his interest in digital art. In his early digital works, he took the light and textures from photographs and built abstract, landscape-like images. This has now evolved into work that retains much of the original photograph, deleting some elements and adding others to create something archetypal and expressive. This continues his interest in the underlying, mysterious elements of the human condition. These works are exhibited as Giclée fine art prints.
Kevin spent much of his twenties travelling, spending most time in his home country England. He wanted to connect with his extensive family there, and “Look for the ghost of the other Me, the me who didn’t leave but grew up in my country of birth.”
His working life has mainly consisted of administrative jobs in local government. The intense boredom of the office (and access to office equipment) helped to fuel his digital creativity. He has also worked for the Department of Art and Cultural Affairs. He currently works for a not-for-profit that provides free mental health services. This is partly his way of giving back after a life-long struggle with depression.

Kevin has been successfully exhibiting since nationally and internationally since the mid 90’s. He lives in Yokine WA with his wife and son, and continues to work in Digital/mixed media, pastels and acrylics.

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