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Keith Terry

Keith is a retired Radiation Physicist who now spends his time travelling, playing golf, ballroom dancing and weaving.
He became involved in weaving when his partner, who was spinning and weaving at the time, was asked to source a weaving loom for a friend of a friend arriving from overseas.  Keith checked out the subsequently purchased loom when he got it home and became hooked.
Using this 1 m wide eight-shaft floor loom he mainly weaves scarves and shawls.  He prefers to weave high quality yarns such as cashmere and alpaca, especially locally produced natural, and coloured, Australian alpaca yarns.  However, he does weave wool, possum, mohair, silk, cotton and synthetic yarns to make an interesting array of colourful, soft and eye-catching products.
Keith’s products carry the Vectis Ori label.  Vectis is the Roman name for the Isle of Wight where Keith was born, whilst Ori means weaving in Japanese.  Yes, my partner is Japanese.  The logo is a schematic outline of the Isle of Wight.
A regular stall holder at Perth Upmarket, Keith is pleased to be associated with The Artisan Store, Fremantle.

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