Kayliss Toh

I was born in Malaysia and came to Australia for studying 16 years ago. Throughout the years I explored and made lots of crafts by using different kind of materials such felt cloths, nature, wood and paper. Besides, I like to make crafts as a gift for my friends. Six years ago, I was inspired by a children’s historical novel – Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes. In Japan, there is a belief that if you folded 1000 paper cranes, then your wish would come true. This belief motivates and inspires me to fold 1000 paper cranes and incorporate them into my artworks and jewellery.

Moreover, I love floral arrangements, gardening, nature and fascinate the colour of Green. Green symbolise nature, balance, fresh grow, healthy and youthful. The meaning of Green inspired me to name my business as Green Blossom, established in December 2014. I am passionate to handcraft every single piece of my paper artwork for spreading hope, love, peace, harmony and happiness to everyone.

Cranes are referred to as “The bird of happiness” symbolising Peace, Hope, Healing, Longevity and Good Luck!

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