Jude Fellows

LoveArt is what I do….I just love Art in any form, whether its making a piece of jewellery, Artwork on canvas, creating carvings/painting on eucalyptus bark, Gift cards…the list goes on. I also have a passion for all things natural and try to use them in all I design.

My creative explosion was born in 2008. I studied Art in the UK but spent my years following a career in Sales and Marketing. When moving to Perth I instantly fell in love with the land and all it had to offer. It felt like id come home….My first passion was Dot Art using the earthy/natural tones. I started exhibiting in local galleries and selling my work on a commission basis. I also introduced eucalyptus bark in to my work which I hand carved and painted.

I have since designed and created many unique collections using natural items.

At present I am focusing on textiles in the woven form. I have designed Knitting Kits using only natural yarn and hope to progress in this field.

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