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Jos Coufreur

Jos is a professional, award winning artist and has been painting and drawing from a very early age. He first began to exhibit and sell his artwork from the age of 13 in Australia. When he was 17, his Dutch parents took the family back to Holland where he attended the Royal Academy of Art in Den Bosch. He met and married Hilly and together they moved to New Zealand where they raised 4 children. They followed their kids to Perth, Australia and now live and work in Mandurah.
Jos has developed a distinctive style over the years. After years of photo realistic work which could take weeks to complete he now paints spontaneously letting the colours form the picture. He allows his big brushes and acrylic paint to ‘dance’ over the canvas. There is no predicting what the end result will be when he starts the painting. Jos allows himself to react sponteaneously with colour, movement and emotion to the subject he is painting. His subject matter ranges from famous iconic people, and animal portraits, to city and landscapes. He also accepts commission work.

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