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Jo Price Designs

Both Craig and I work out of our home Workshop in Perth’s Southern Suburbs. We both have a love of creating and trying something new. Craig’s Grecian Bust sculptures are all hand welded using 10mm nuts shaped into the form of a female torso and mounted on a wooden base. The finished product takes 3-4 days to complete using approx 800 zinc plated nuts which are then Tig welded with 3-5 spots of welding on each nut. The bust then has a rust proofing coat applied and then finished with either powder coating or enamel paint to preserve its life. The most popular colours are Hammered Copper, Satin Nickel and a Flat Soft Iron. Craig gets a lot of enjoyment making these sculptures and loves the amazing comments he receives from the public.
I take my inspiration from Mother Natures raw and destructive forces when creating the beautiful serving/grazing boards. These boards have literally been struck by lightening in a process called Fractal Burning with in excess of 3500+ Volts passed thru each piece of timber to create these truly unique designs. Because of this unique process no two boards are the same. While flying from Perth to Darwin one day we saw these amazing designs reflected in the natural beauty of the Australian Outback. The boards are finished using a high grade food safe resin and also a food safe coating over the top of this.


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