IdaBee Silicone Jewellery

IdaBee Silicone Jewellery
Designed by
Lene McConnell

I grew up in Norway. In my early 20’s I moved to France for a few years, and then Switzerland, before my man came and swept me away to Australia. We have 2 children together and live in Spearwood with a flock of chickens.

My passion for silicone jewellery started with my 2nd child. I wanted something colourful to wear, that was also baby friendly. I looked long and far, but didn’t find something I really liked. I got some supplies, and made one exactly how I wanted it, and with the extra beads I made a few more.  And then I thought, if I couldn’t find something in my style, maybe there are more people looking for something a bit different? What if I could start up my very own business, while taking care of my (then 3 month old) baby and toddler?

From there, so much has happened. I have a registered business, creating a brand and I love playing with designs. I do markets up to several times a week all over Perth, and I love meeting new people, just as much as I love making my jewellery. My baby boy is with me at most markets, and he loves all the attention he gets.

The name IdaBee is after my daughter, Ida, and Bee makes me think of something fun and happy, and was the first word Ida learned.
I believe that colours make the day that much better, and I always feel happier when I can express myself through colours. The fact that it is baby safe, non toxic and washable makes it such a great product not only for mums and mums to be,  but people with allergies and for those that want a necklace with vibrant colours.

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