Hannah Katarski

All my prints are created by hand using a many-staged process. After I have completed a design, I etch and seal my printing plate. I then use a printing press to create the
impressions from my inked-up plate on watercolour paper. Once they are dry I paint each one with watercolours.
It only took 25 years, but I finally saw the light and began to understand all the fuss about surfing. As Australians, many of us feel a strong connection to the ocean. From that magical day back in 2007, surfing has inspired my art and dictated my holiday destinations. Surfing has taken me on road trips up and down the coasts of east and western Australia, to Bali, Biarritz, up the coast of California, Hawaii and to the Maldives.
I try to capture the surfing lifestyle through my art and photography, documenting my girls’ surfing safaris and the laid back WA beach lifestyle.
I aim to create art that is evocative of…
A sunset surf with your girlfriend, a glassy, knee-high ride at dawn, escaping with the girls for a weekend ‘surfari’, getting lost and finding yourself, lone walks on the beach, searching for shells, connecting with nature and having fun!

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