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Graeme Jeffs

Factotum Creations

My art consists of up-cycling fallen Western Australian native timbers, seeds, nuts, branches, dried flowers and other native flora. These ‘findings’ are collected from the bush floor where they have naturally dried and seasoned – a process to captures all the natural, abstract and symmetrical beauty of their living forms. These media are then inlaid within the lids of my boxes.
The actual boxes are constructed predominately from very old Jarrah floorboards, traditional Australian jarrah picket fences and fence posts. I occasionally repurpose other local timbers such as marri, she-oak, blackbutt or karri. Commercial off cuts are sometime utilised in a parquetry / marquetry technique to intrinsically and inherently frame and enhance the collective media – capturing and highlighting the diverse and unique beauty of our wild native flora.
My work is diligently handmade with minimum machinery interference – hence not clinically perfected but passionately crafted with many hours spent on each piece.
I also utilise and highlight minor imperfections in the timber. I have a profound adulation for nature’s true form, especially as it is witnessed in our native Western Australian Bushland.

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