Gilberto Ribeiro Rodrigues

Born in Brazil, Gilberto Ribeiro Rodrigues started to work in the jewellery field in Early 2000’s as a polisher and after 4 years, started to learn how to hand make jewellery with Jeweller’s master in the workshop. With experience of 19 years in the jewellery industry I decided to expand my imagination and creativity by launching my own pieces and developed a brand for it, called Bright Mind Jewellery. Using diverse ideas and thoughts to create pieces in silver that inspire.
Silver is a great material to create pieces and attracts people from different groups and also inspires people imaginations.
Creativity is in our minds, big or small, if you have a great idea confront your fear and go for what your imaginations asks. Don’t keep your creativity for yourself, make the difference, and show for the world that there is greatness in yourself minds.

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