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Galina Payne

I was born in 1953 in a Russian city of Tver. Since early childhood I loved painting and attended an Art School for Children, and later graduated from Venetsianov Fine Arts College in Tver. I exhibited my work at All-Russian and regional shows.

I have been living in Perth, W.A. since 2003.

The style, technique and genre in which I work, let me communicate with the world. Working with many various subjects and constantly improving my technique, I try to open my vision of the world to the audience: each painting tells a story – of a passing moment or of a deep emotion.

Fine art is a universal language that can expose the pain and the joy, that can capture a moment in time.

Any creative art is the process of unending personal growth. It becomes especially clear when the subject of the new painting pops up in your mind and makes the desire to share it with the world irresistible.

I am happy when I am able to do it!


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