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Fra's Ceramics

Fra’s ceramics evokes the beauty of Francesca’s hometown nature in Sardinia. The artist, as Italian from a very small island in the Mediterranean Sea, creates pieces inspired by La Maddalena archipelago colours such as emerald, turquoise, blue, light blue, green forest and white glazes.
Her ceramic pieces explore the tension between functionality and art. Shapes are organic with highly textured surfaces, created using lace, plants, textile and Indian woodblock imprinting.
All the products are functional and designed for homeware and home décor. They fit in the ceramic homeware range of products while being unique ceramic art pieces.
She uses Indian hand-carved woodblocks, traditionally used to imprint textile, mixing Italian and Indian design to create something unique to treasure for life.
Her ceramics evokes joy and positive emotions. She recently moved to Fremantle, where she creates her art and teaches hand building ceramics in South Terrace, Fremantle.

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