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Fluid Ink Fine Letterpress of Australia

I have been a letterpress printer since 2010 when I stumbled across the tactile nature of the craft, and was smitten with the art of letterpress printing. A graphic designer by trade with a love for typography and stationery, letterpress seemed to be a perfect fit. I’m now living my dream, by creating by hand, paving my own road, collaborating with excited clients and like minded artists, working responsibly with our environment, striving for a work/life balance and challenging myself within my craft.
I design and print everything from my studio in Perth Western Australia. I create bespoke wedding invitation suites, save the date invitations, birth announcements, business cards, plus a range of greeting cards and lovely stationery for the retail market.
Design is usually completed digitally and sent off to have polymer plates made, unless a piece calls for hand setting of vintage type, character by lead or wooden character. The paper is hand guillotined to size, inks hand mixed using Pantone formulas, presses oiled and serviced, and each sheet of pillowy cotton paper is hand fed into the vintage presses. Once printed, they are hand finished, packaged and shipped around the globe!
‘I aim to bring tactile letterpress into the hands of stationery lovers, by combining vintage craft with modern design.’
Letterpress platens are temperamental, fiddly, greasy, frustrating cumbersome machines and it seems almost impossible that they are capable of such finery. But that’s what I love. The paradox of
greasy machines and fine crisp white paper, centuries old printing technique matched with computer generated and modern designs – is highly amusing to me.
Our little lady letterpress “Mavis” is a 1893 Golding Pearl saved from a barn, and restored to her former glory. Our big brute “The Admiral” is a 1913 Chandler and Price old style, and is our main press.


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