Emma Leggett

I am a mixed media artist from Perth, Western Australia.

I studied Art History and Print Making during High School and I have continued to pursue my love and passion for art.

I use a variety of mediums such as acrylics, watercolours, oil pastels, ink, pencil, crayons, enamel and collage. I use ephemera (paper items) such as vintage music sheets, stamps, maps, letters, postcards, other memorabilia and printed items in my artwork. I am influenced by Miro, Rauschenberg, Kandinsky, Pollock, Cezanne, Mondrian, Hundertwasser, de Kooning and Höch.

My painting style varies dramatically as I paint according to my feelings, emotions, experiences and even the materials and mediums I decide to work with. I like to experiment with new styles, techniques, genres and art movements. I have a real love for abstract mixed media art especially the freedom it gives you. 

Art is so important in your life as it can create wonderful feelings of serenity, calm, happiness, and confidence. Art can also evoke positive energy and wonderful memories.

If you would like to see my artworks please visit my Instagram account @emma_leggett_art or my Facebook business page at Emma-Leggett-Art-Designs.

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