Emelie Coffey

Emelie is a massage therapist, specialising in remedial and sports massage. She started teaching herself to paint around 3 years ago and now divides her time between massage and art.

Mainly painting abstract acrylic on canvas, Emelie loves playing with colour. Known for bright bold mark making she likens the process of creating her art with the rhythmic flow and tactile sensations of massage.

“I prefer to work with a pallet knife, acrylic on canvas, I do also use brushes and my hands.

Lately I have been creating art mixing only three colours inc white and a dark to bring a visual harmony to the painting or series of paintings, it is amazing the almost unlimited spectrum of colour you can get from a limited pallet. I do like to apply a song/soundtrack giving them a personality and insight to how I was feeling at the time of painting or how I feel when I look at the painting.

I hope to bring a little colour into peoples lives, hopefully something they feel is beautiful that makes their heart swell a little when they look at it. A piece of art that each time they see it they can find something new that gives them pause for thought.

Everything and anything can inspire me. Leave no sense unexplored.”

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