Elza Fouché

Elza Fouché is a full time fashion illustrator who works entirely by hand using alcohol based Ink Markers. Her inspiration comes from her love of fashion and says “if you can’t buy it all, draw it all!”

Her style is a combination of realism and illustration, with softly blended tones and outlined edges on a minimalist white background.

Elza was born in New Zealand and grew up with an Artist Father, Jos Coufreur.  From a young age she dabbled with art but never really got serious about painting/illustrating until 3 years back on Christmas when her Mum gave her a watercolour set.  This got her exploring art and fashion illustration and when she came across alcohol ink markers she was hooked! She quit her job as a barista to pursue her passion.

Elza moved to Perth 4 years ago and currently lives on a farm in Williams with her husband where she enjoys creating in the peacefulness of country life.

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