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Elisa Maker

Meet Elisa, a versatile designer whose passion for creating objects was ignited at a young age while playing in her father’s studio. Pursuing formal art education, she fell in love with metal sculpting due to its malleability, honing her skills in shaping three-dimensional forms. Curiosity led her to contemporary jewellery, where she discovered the joy of crafting smaller pieces.

After graduating as a fashion designer, Elisa sought new techniques and stumbled upon ceramics, revealing a world of possibilities. Moving to Tasmania, she embraced the captivating synergy between wood and ceramics, fostering a unique fusion of art and craftsmanship. With a diverse background in design, ceramics, woodworking, and silversmithing, Elisa creates beautiful, simple, and functional pieces that showcase her creativity and expertise from her personal pottery studio amidst the hills of Western Australia.

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Showing all 3 results