DinkyDi Jewellery

· Freestyle and modern jewellery where every shape defines a reason for this wearable art
· Each item is individually textured and uniquely shaped avoiding mass industrial production
·It’s a labor of love to create this collection, similar to a detailed sculpture or an abstract painting
· Bracelets, earrings, rings never conform in the expected way and are truly eye catching
·Each piece is a one off handcrafted jewellery piece, each is different no copy possible only similar styles
·Using both new and recycled silver or gold, we can also use your metal for custom work
·Items are finished in Sterling Silver are is a shiny silver-tone and sometimes in a deep black oxidized
·Reinforced quality is guaranteed on each piece, most links where possible have been soldered
·To add character to bracelets they are fitted with a double link T- bar catch or a soldered parrot clasp
·Stamped with the carat of the metal, were possible signature hallmark DinkyDi and HandmadeAU are added

I love to use unusual shapes and textured finishes.
There has to be a flow in all my work, organic to straight lines, the combination between the perfect circles or oval shapes with the different added unsymmetrical texture adds to the piece.
When I am in the creative flow I forget the world around me.
My jewellery is a statement of who I am.
I am inspired when I see different forms, objects, and texture.
My work gets you away from the expected conformity of the every day style of jewellery. I want my jewellery to be different, elegant subtley noticeable but at the same time I want ‘wear-ability’ meaning:
I do not make jewellery that breaks or catches easy.
I create quality durability and style that is to be noticed.

Our workshop is capable to hold individual classes for creative people, making wedding rings / prospectors creating nugget jewellery while others bring their own stones. Individuality is in all of us
Contact Rob or Petra 0401 480 949
Enjoy life …….DinkyDi

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