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Diana Creedy

‘Art is good for us when it corrects an imbalance in our Souls’.  John Armstrong; Art as Therapy

People often ask where my inspiration comes from.

I inherited my artistic skills from my Mother who was wonderfully talented and painted beautiful landscapes. Having always been skilled at drawing in precise detail, ten years ago I embarked on a journey to see if I could paint however this did not develop in the form of landscapes but rather something more raw and organic. I am completely self taught. 

In the main my paintings develop through the random chaos of brush strokes, a colour play of a rich palette and what reveals itself in the falling of the light.

My process is a continued evolving exploration of where the art is within the artist.

I commenced my practice at Heathcote in a working studio open to the pubIic at weekends and for other special events after which I relocated to PSAS having been based there for the past four years. I have exhibited in joint exhibitions at Heathcote, The Atwell Art Gallery, Mount Lawley Art Auction and at PSAS.

My heart will always belong to expressionism however in the next chapter I will give focus to realism and explore abstraction in equal measure. I am currently working on a solo exhibition.

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