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Chrissie Gregory

After completing a BA of Visual Arts at Curtin University with a major in Jewellery/3D Design and a minor in Fibre/Textiles, Christine Gregory began the Chrisea Designs brand in 2001, with an initial focus on jewellery.
She then began working as a screen printer for three years, where printing skills and an interest in graphic design developed. Photography was also another important source of inspiration and a method of interpreting her natural surroundings.
Pursuing her love of art, the following 10 years Christine worked full time as a gallery assistant at Gunyulgup Galleries, an established and well recognised private business in Yallingup representing over 120 artists of high quality work. Exposed on a daily basis to a rich variety of arts and creativity, this environment was an inspiration to her personal arts practice.
Participation in a project called Designing Futures mentored by FORM, resulted in focusing back on textiles, creating wearable pieces based on digital printing on fabric, which also led to several exhibitions and other opportunities.
Since moving to Denmark in the Great Southern, Chrissie has been involved with arts administration for several organisations.
Her arts practice has evolved into a variable range, consisting of wall artworks, homewares and wearable garments.
The current Chrisea Designs collection of wraps and scarves, is available on natural fibres such as wool, silk, and cotton blends, and can be found in over 12 outlets around WA.
The observation of patterns in nature on a macro scale is the main inspiration for my work. Photography acts as a tool in exploring the infinite variety of pattern found in natural forms. Inspiration is often drawn from the surrounding ocean and forest, with a particular focus on the native flora and fauna from WA.

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