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Caterina Cusso

I have been making ceramics for over forty years.  I completed a five year degree in Art in Urbino, Italy and fell in love with ceramics.  I have been practising ceramics ever since.  I like to travel to Europe to share creative ideas with other artists and colleagues.

My work is inspired by my interest in the people I meet, and I want to paint their interesting faces on my pottery. I particularly like to paint female faces.  I notice the intensity of expression, mood and character displayed.  I also love the colourful variety of Australian wildflowers and they are also included in my ceramic painting.   

My work is both functional and decorative, from platters, cups and bowls to murals, lighting and sculptures.

I like to investigate by using a large variety of clays including Porcelain and Stoneware.  I make my own glazes, use stains and slips and always fire my own work in my kiln.

I work in my large studio in Spearwood, Western Australia.

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