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Caroline Hazell

I’m Caroline. I began drawing from the age of 6, learning some of the techniques from my portrait artist mum. We would spend our weekends painting together, some of my best memories of my childhood.

Once I had children, it was then that I turned a hobby into a business. I started an art business teaching toddlers how to craft and get messy with a variety of materials and once my children started school, I began painting and selling portraits. This was all the way back in 2007.

Since then, I have added resin to one of my favourite mediums, mostly as a way to turn my paintings into useable items rather than wall art. You can sometimes find my resin for sale here and occasionally I will open up for custom resin work.

I also began illustrating childrens books and so far, I have had 4 of my book illustration works published. I feel very fortunate to have done this because it was always a goal of mine.

I am UK born and raised ( a little town in Suffolk) but have lived in a little beachside suburb in West Australia with my husband and two boys for many years.

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