Carmen Hurlbatt

I have been working with ceramics since arriving in Australia in 2007. Initially having a franchise and creating gorgeous ceramic keepsakes with children’s hand and feet, the love of working with ceramics and playing with colour but also loving my garden, lead to develop my own style of herb and veggie tags. From then on many pieces have been added to my range. I love nature in general and could not live without being outdoors and pottering around in my garden. I am also a keen arts and crafts person with lots of different interests. Creating my own ceramics using Earthenware slipcast allows me to produce lots of pieces and then have fun painting them. I like to experiment with different types of glazes , so every piece is unique. So if you have any area around your house or garden which needs a bit of colour, my ceramics will certainly help to brighten those up.  Customer orders are most welcome.


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