Camille Muir

I have been working with leadlight on a part-time basis for around 4 years.
Attending a small local class introduced me to the basic technique
and since then have developed a real passion.
A principal theme to my work is combining historical finds with my glasswork.
It has always fascinated me to research the life of an interesting treasure.
Whether it be an ammunition box from WW2, a vintage tennis press or a simple
piece of wood or iron. Where that piece has travelled and what the world was like through its time.
My creative process usually starts with anything that catches my eye.
Could be in an antique shop, salvage yard,
garage sale or even the side of the road. From there the idea grows.
How can i incorporate the glass work. The design i create
Will it be a light box, will it hang, be on a stand, with a frame
Sky is the limit There are no rules
Working with stained glass is a timeless medium
leaving a magical reflection.

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