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Brian Borg

Brian Borg Creations.
Moving into retirement, after discharging from the Navy, I was looking for something to stimulate my mind and creativity.
I stumbled across jewellery making and thought this would be for me.
I searched for tools and supplies and began setting up a little workshop and started my journey.
Having previously placed extreme importance on attention to detail whilst working on submarines, I found these new found skills of creating small detailed pieces of jewellery an extreme pleasure, particularly when a plan turns out as planned.
I have dabbled with different styles and designs while I continue to search for the style that best suits my creativity.
I enjoy creating one off Artisan designs (Art to wear) and I find these creations challenging and rewarding to produce.
Jewellery has now become a passion, one which I enjoy creating beautiful one-off pieces that individuals will love to show off and be proud to wear.

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