Bonnie Atlan

My first recollection of being fascinated with painting and colours brings me back to kindergarten, waiting impatiently for my turn to paint on giant sheets of paper clipped to an easel. Ever since, I’ve surrounded myself with art in all forms, and would be constantly sketching, colouring, decorating, and designing. Art is my way of life.
I grew up in Milwaukee Wisconsin, USA. It was a beautiful environment with numerous lakes, green parks and four distinct seasons. As the colours changed throughout the year, so did I. Changes became a way of life for me.
I graduated from high school with a background in art and went to MATC University where I studied graphic art design and life drawing. I worked part time painting on and designing clothing for a store called Valentinas, which is still there.
Photography became of strong interest to me, and I even posed as the model for our class room assignments. This led me to a career in professional modelling. After working in Milwaukee in publicity I was soon attracted to the lights of Chicago, and shortly after the fame of NYC. I’d accomplished many photo shoots including fashion and publicity over the years, and even did runway modelling. Being acknowledged by a Parisian modelling agency I travelled for the first time overseas which has been my destiny ever since.
Living in Paris for 8 years then we moved to the South-West of France and lived here till 2003 then we made the move to Australia. We fell in love with the extraordinary beauty of the country and the warmth of the people.
Now living in Gooseberry Hill I continued to paint my story book houses in an art studio amongst the trees.

My inspirations to create are everyday reborn and start by a mood. There are certain situations that give a feeling of cosiness and comfort. I want to capture those feelings and keep them with me so it becomes real.
I like to paint bringing an ordinary corner of the world into focus that nobody might have noticed before.
To be drawn into a painting, travel around it, and live inside of it for a while is a good escape!
Beauty can be brought out of ordinary things and given life. The older I get the more beauty I see.
Brushstrokes of color are left on canvas like footprints on a path. Traces of memories and visions that can be shared.

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