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Bernadette Mcgill

I emigrated from England in 93 where I was involved in fashion and design. I started an Interior decorating business in 2000 and started painting for clients as part of an interior service. Specialising in very large works to complement their décor. I am based in Fremantle, I opened a studio/gallery in East Fremantle where I also taught art to children in after school classes .
I have painted continually, experimenting with different mediums, I prefer acrylics and inks . I love ‘pourings’ the bigger the better! Creating something very unique that can never be replicated.
I explore lots of different artists, styles and techniques taking a little from those that interest me.
My art is Contemporary, taking advantage of the latest trends and colours. My style is continually evolving .
Painting is therapeutic… its my meditation, my happy place.

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