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Benn Francis

I’m a West Australian artist, who grew up in Geraldton and now lives in Perth, unfortunately in the suburbs but with the desire to live in the bush and connect with nature. Like most of you who follow the energy, there are times of great revelation and connectedness and times of darkness and sometimes despair, but the realization that they are all learning experiences makes even the most extreme situation at the very least understandable, it’s from that stand point that I use my art to bring the unseen energy into a format people can see and learn from. It is through Reiki, meditation, crystals and other healing modalities that I’ve learnt how to use and manipulate energy and through great teachers physical or otherwise to see and feel. As my painting skills were limited, using paper and other materials happened accidently. My partner had a lot of Scrapbook paper in the spare room, that no one had the time to really use, so I attempted to have a go not in the traditional sense of scrapbooking but more in the way of making scenery.

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