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Barbara Jeanne Baumhoff

Barbara Jeanne Baumhoff (BJB), artist name Rayney was born in Singapore and is of Irish and Dutch/Portuguese decent. Since 1980, Barbara has travelled extensively joining her husband in his international career postings in countries such as Hong Kong, Germany, Israel, UK, Egypt, Bahrain, Qatar and Dubai and now in Switzerland. Barbara and her husband immigrated to Australia in 1994 where they have a permanent residence and reside now in Perth, Western Australia.A love of travel has influenced Barbara’s art. Travel to many parts of Asia, Europe, Australia and the Middle East has given her the opportunity to learn various painting styles and techniques from different art colleges and art teachers. Although being mainly self-taught, Barbara also trained at the Brisbane Art School in Queensland from 1987-1989, the Hong Kong Chinese School of Arts from 1993-1995, and the Windsor Art School in the United Kingdom from 2000-2002. Barbara also did have private art lessons with a well known Israeli Artist while living in Tel Aviv, and a well known Russian Artist while living in London.Barbara’s art is an evolving experimentation with different art forms and medium: from oil to charcoal and acrylic to pastel, her subject matter ranges from figurative to abstract.Barbara has had several successful exhibitions in Australia and the Middle East in the past.For more information and any enquiries: please Barbara Jeanne on + 61 468 528 496

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