Annemieke Mulders

My love of organic forms and surrealism motivates slightly twisted, wonky and bizarre shapes. My ceramics are intended to make you smile with their peculiar profiles, yet they are functional and a pleasure to hold. Aimed to add enjoyment to your daily cup of coffee or tea.

My ceramics are made using a combination of techniques. The wheel to make shapes for slip casting, slip casting and hand building of stoneware clay and porcelain. High temperature firing in electric and gas kilns so that all ceramics are durable, dishwasher and oven safe. I work from home and at the studio of the Perth Studio Potters.

My foremost education is in science. Art and science have striking similarities. As a research scientist I searched for explanations in experimental results, as lecturer I searched for elegant explanations of complex topics and as artist I search for solutions in shapes and colours. For me all are equally challenging and satisfying.

I studied and worked in science while taking evening classes in art. About ten years of sculpture with Cor Dam in Delft, the Netherlands, various painting classes since my move to Australia in 1999, and since 2011 pottery classes. First in Canberra with Marieke Henderson, and recently in Perth with Sandra Black and Kim Gillespie.

Since the end of 2013 my priority has moved from science to art. I aim to achieve rich vibrant colours and organic fluid shapes in high fired ceramics.
My works are motivated by the beautiful nature of Western Australia, organic forms (Moore) and surrealism (Dali, Picasso, Rothko). They are intended to make you smile.
I wish my ceramics bring you many fine coffee and tea moments.

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