Anna Peluso

Hi. I’m Anna the creator and designer of Abstract Freo.​

Abstract Freo is a series of whimsical designs, capturing the well know icons and heart and soul of Fremantle. Each design is a twist of imagery and words, inviting you to see things differently.

Look carefully. How well do you know Fremantle?
Cranes, majestic port machinery or birds? When did we “Fre the ‘O’ from Prison? Where is the eye?
Look, think, smile.

The Series were created with pen and water colour, originally designed for screen printing.
Choose to have your favourite designs on the wall, on a t-shirt or warming your hands.

My background is in design and textiles. I live in Fremantle.
Having travelled the world, Fremantle still inspires me every day.
In 2016 I started Abstract Freo. I call it my “Sheepish Phoenix”.
​It is a project unlike others of mine and it has helped me rise from the flames of a broken heart.

Over the years I’ve learnt that seeing things differently is a gift.
Today I share that gift with you, in Abstract Freo.

Commissions and collaborations welcome.

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