Alina Price

I am a Fremantle based artist from a formal Interior Design and Mental Health Support background with a passion for creating spaces, artworks and homewares that provide inspiration for self-expression, creativity and the process for healing.

I have taught myself many art based skills over the years and also attended various courses, workshops and classes at an assortment of places. This helped to create in me the desire and ability to facilitate classes and groups over the past 8 years, teaching a range of skills and providing a space for creativity to be expressed in various forms.

I love to use many different forms of media with collage, textiles, photography, jewellery and crochet being my favourite at present but I am always trying my hand at something new.

I am also passionate about our environment which is why I love to create by upcycling, repurposing and reusing existing items and products. Hence, the materials I use in most of my artworks are saved from landfill, recycled, reused, donated or op shopped.

I also enjoy organisation, pattern, symmetry, structure and balance which has influenced my range of mandala like artworks as seen at The Artisan Store, each of which are entirely unique and one off pieces. Each of these upcycled pattern designs depict an emotion and are titled accordingly. The concept around this is the idea that every emotion we have can be felt, acknowledged and processed to create something beautiful in our lives if we allow it. The most beautiful and precious qualities we have, that are often noticed by others, are those that have been created from angst, pain, heartache and hard work. We often refer to this as the ‘junk’, ‘rubbish’ or ‘waste’ of our everyday lives but it can be the backbone of our success, qualities and dreams. My hope is that the junk, rubbish and waste that is used in my artworks to create something beautiful inspires something in you and your imagination.

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