Thomas Coin Carnival Artist of the Week

When: 15 October 2017

Our Artist of the Week is Thomas Coin Carnival from the 9th to the 15th October. Thomas will be offering 10% off on any purchase of $50 or more.  And $20 off for any custom order of $100 or more placed by November 10th 2017 off coin jewellery.

Thomas was born in Poland and grew up in a very artistic environment with his father being a photo journalist and his mother a painter.   When he turned 18, he left home and moved to Italy where he enjoyed the Italian art and culture to the fullest before he moved to North America.   He lived on the West Coast in Canada for 18 years.  During this period he travelled extensively with his wife and was privileged to visit some remote regions in the Canadian Arctic as a bush pilot.

Thomas currently lives and creates in Perth, Western Australia and is inspired by recycling and his connection with nature.   He hand crafts old vintage coins into unique in appearance coin rings.  The beauty of the tree species found in the Western Australia region has fuelled his passion for returning to his roots as an artist.  He uses only recycled scrap timber for his rings (jewellery) and recycles many of the materials he works with.  Some of the materials regularly used are recycled copper, brass and steel.  None of his jewellery is mass produced; every piece is unique and hand crafted primarily using hand tools.

Finger rings made from coins have been crafted for over two to three hundred years.   It is a very time consuming craft which requires a lot of patience, hand strength and a lot of heat!

I hand craft each and every coin ring myself using only hand tools, many of which I made myself.  It’s a very detail oriented process but the end results are very rewarding when you can see the finished ring and realize it was made from a coin without making any cuts, welds or moulds.   After finding the centre of the coin, a hole is punched through it, and afterwards a lot of heat is applied by blow torch and the form is achieved using a jeweller’s mandrel as well as nylon or cowhide hammers.  Final finish is done by hand using various files and different grades of sand paper.

Coin rings can be made from gold, silver, copper, brass or nickel coins.  Some coins will make better rings and I can provide you with any suggestions regarding coins, sizes, designs etc.  These rings made very unique gifts.  Think of what was happening the year the coin was minted or perhaps just admire the design.  Anniversaries, birthdays or perhaps just memories from the past are great occasions to commemorate with a beautiful hand crafted coin ring.