annabella67 Anne Gee

My art evolves from a strong connection to the earth, the rhythms of the oceans, the beauty of the Australian landscape and my own imaginings.

My childhood days unfolded in the West Australian country seaside town of Albany.
My dad drew with my sister and me and took us on drawing trips on the weekend and out collecting beetles, insects and butterflies which we classified, set and displayed.

I remember rescuing a possum that had broken its leg (my dad was a vet) and we fed it with a small dripper for weeks as it gained strength and finally we let it go in the bush (I remember it looking back at us just before it scurried off to freedom, strong again).

My mother enriched me with her beautiful sense of aesthetics. She could find beauty in just about anything. She has a strong affinity with sea and the ocean, her mother lived in a lighthouse as a young child, with her father, a harbour master.

I grew up listening to my mother’s Don McLean and Cat Stephens homemade tapes and have vivid memories of the Vincent ode ‘starry, starry night’ drifting through our house.

I was enchanted by the illustrations of May Gibbs and Beatrix Potter as a young child. I spent hours pouring through my parents National Geographic magazines and the breath-taking photographs. I remember a wary fascination for Salvador Dali’s works.

I’ve always loved to paint, draw and arrange momentary sculptures. My latest fascination involves paper cut art, maps, paper sculpture and the use of vintage books, vintage papers and characters in my work. 

Spirit of Fremantle

paper cut art

Featuring the icons and haunts of Fremantle and surrounds including the Dingo flour mill, the Freo bridges, Flip Side burgers, the famous Weeties building, the majesty of the Swan River, Indian Ocean and Rottnest island, the busy Port of Fremantle and much more. This image has been personalised to include bespoke features! Contact artist for details. Customised hand cut originals from $350
50cm x 36cm approx
Spirit of Fremantle - paper cut $250 - prints available

My Australian Childhood Memory Map

ink drawing print

I grew up in a seaside town nestled between granite mountains and the great southern ocean. A time where you could disappear in to the wilds of the mountains, make bush cubbies, explore, collect bugs and get muddy, as long as you came home before dark.... Albany, Western Australia
This intricate ink pen drawing looks divine printed on to high quality white paper, signed and titled by the artist.

Available in a variety of sizes as prints and framed artworks.

He would follow her to the ends of the earth

paper cut art

This work features Lily and Lambert from The Red Thread series. Lambert will cross land and sea to be with his true love, Lily. He would follow her to the ends of the earth is a reproduction cut of my original hand cut piece. Available as a paper cut only as well as a range of framing.
24 x 24cm
paper cut only $90 - framed paper cuts from $210 - prints available

Live your love

paper cutting

A motto for life a tonic for your soul...This delightful papercut original art piece features an eclectic collection of life's simple pleasures, nature, love, family, friends and eco themes. All of my designs are reproduced from a handcut original. A beautiful gift for family and friends that will brighten any space. Available in a limited edition from my original design which is hand cut. These laser cut reproduction have beautiful detail and are presented on 200gsm white or black paper. 
22 x 31 cm 
paper cut only from $90 framing from $210

Hearts fly free 

paper cut art

from the Lily and Lambert series

A gorgeous black or white paper cut from my original hand-cut piece. Lily's sweet little blackbird flies freely as her heart soars. This is a beautiful piece full of whimsy and simple joys. Available in 2 sizes as a flat piece ready to frame

20 x 20cm -$80 (paper cut only - unframed)
29cm x 29cm  -$95((paper cut only - unframed)
framed artwork from $210 - prints available


paper cut art

This mysterious, gentle giant of the high seas has many a song to sing and a lifetime of journeys and stories to share. This exquisitely intricate and detailed paper cut artwork is available as a limited edition archive reproduction from an Anne Gee original drawing and hand cut piece. The art work is available in chocolate brown, creamy white or inky black.
To bring this piece to life it can be framed, suspended between glass and window or box-set to cast an enchanting shadow.
65cm x 24cm 
paper cut only from $250
framing from $600 - prints available

Vintage characters – Lucy all at sea and A boy’s own adventure  

vintage paper sculptures under glass

Little Lucy - Lucy originates from The Favourite Wonder Book circa 1938 and she is set adrift upon a vintage map of Africa scanned from a 1880's book. She is safely housed in a little glass house with wooden base and mapping inlay. Little Lucy is part of the red thread series and her little boat is folded from 100 year old storybook paper. 
Also from this series a 'tall' lucy and 'a boy's own adventure' 
from $219

bespoke orders available upon request

Scaly Mates 1

paper cut art

Inspired by the silvery fishes in the bay at Gracetown, in the south west, these scaly mates are a simple yet charming paper cut. Also available as a drawing and a hand coloured print. Available in a variety of sizes priced from $90 dependant on size and framing.

Well done George!

vintage paper sculpture

In his sturdy little craft, George has battled the rapids and come out victorious, well done George! George, from The Red Thread Series, originates from a 1912 Boys' Book of Sports. His sturdy little boat is artfully created using vintage 1887 story book paper. Piece can be customised on request
24 x 14 x 10 cm

Look Out George!

vintage paper sculpture 

Let me introduce you to George - fabulous fellow that he is, you will find him up to all sorts of adventurous feats. George originates from a 1912 Boys' Book of Sports and you will find him in a few of my 'The Red Thread Series' pieces. George's jolly little boat is folded from vintage paper from a 1887 children's book. George's looming wave is hand cut. This piece is is box framed and uniquely 3 dimensional and breath-takingly beautiful.
28.5cm x 28.5cm


Aristotle and the grand plan

 vintage paper sculpture under glass dome

This sweet little possum is perched in a tiny paper boat folded from vintage story book paper with a real feather mast. He is guided by the 'my australian childhood map' which adorns his glass domed home.

Mini Lucy in a Box

vintage paper sculpture

Little Lucy in a box, originates from The Favourite Wonder Book, circa 1938. Lucy is part of the red thread series and her little boat is folded from storybook paper that is over 80 years old. Safely nestled in her little glass box, Lucy sails the seas in search of adventure. This delightful 1930’s character has been printed onto vintage paper from the artist’s vast collection of rescued vintage paper maps and books.
7 x 7 x 4cm