What is Polymer Clay?

What Is Polymer Clay? Polymer Clay has been around, in one form or another, since the late 1930s. A German doll maker Fifi Rehbinder, was having trouble finding her usual supplies, due to the political upheaval of the time. Born out of necessity, she developed a plastic clay she called “Fifi Mosaik”, which she used […]

Pearls a brief Guide

Pearls a brief guide Have you ever wondered about pearls? The history or how to tell the different types of Pearls apart? It’s helpful to get the names correct for starters. Broadly, there are three types of Pearls: Natural, Cultured and Imitation. Brief Pearl History 13th Century– first attempts to grow pearls as a cultured […]

How to Clean an Oil Painting

You may be in the fortunate situation of finding an interesting looking oil painting in an Op Shop, at a Garage Sale, or in Grandma’s shed. Or in the unfortunate position of having your favourite painting being damaged by unwelcome splashes. Over the years paintings, like everything else, accumulates dirt, dust and grime, and to […]

Eucalyptus Leaves Silk Scarf

What is Eco Printing?

Eco-printing is a form of natural printing and dyeing, where flora is used to create patterns and colours on fabrics. Using plants, leaves and flowers there shapes and colour are left as imprints on the fabric. The plant material is arranged on the cloth in the desired pattern, fabrics are preferably protein fibres such as […]

Just a Card

Just a Card

Have you heard about the “Just a Card” campaign? “If everyone who’d complimented our beautiful gallery had bought ‘just a card‘ we’d still be open” The JUST A CARD campaign aims to encourage people to buy from Designer/Makers and Independent Galleries and Shops by reinforcing the message that all purchases, however small, even ‘just a card’ […]